10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Best WordPress SEO Plugins

In this post, I go over 10 of the highest WordPress SEO plugins in 2020. This list is made from the freest and premium plugins. meaning my list consists of plugins that have both free and premium versions. In my opinion, these are a number of the best WordPress SEO plugins available today.

1.Yoast SEO

Wordpress SEO Plugins-yoast seo

Yoast plugin is the WordPress SEO plugin used as a tool for blogs, content publishing & content management system. It includes snippet editor,real-time content analysis, images titles, and XML sitemaps. Yoast also best WordPress SEO Plugins.

Yoast Plugin Features:

Keywords & Content

While writing a post-Yoast SEO for WordPress will help in focusing the keyword. The plugin will run a realtime check on content to see the use of keyword in the correct areas. Optimizing the content help in increasing the traffic for this keyword in the search results.

Keywords & Content

While writing a post-Yoast SEO for WordPress will help in focusing the keyword. The plugin will run a realtime check on content to see the use of keyword in the correct areas. Optimizing the content help in increasing the traffic for this keyword in the search results.

Readability check

Yoast plugin also analyzes the readability of the website content. It checks the length of the sentences and paragraphs. It also checks for passive voice, transition words, and Flesch Reading Ease.

RSS enhancements

In RSS Feed, the footer plugin used to add a piece of content to the beginning or end of posts. The Yoast plugin adds the content to both of them at the beginning and end of the post. It also helps in sharing the link to the blog and the specific post.


wordpress seo plugins-semrush

SEMRUSH isn’t a simple keyword research tool; it provides so much more than just exploring keywords.

Unlike other tools where you need to add seed keywords to start your research, here you only need to add your URL (or your competitor’s URL) and it will show you every one among the keywords that are rank for that website. This makes it much easier for you to discover keywords that are long-tail and short-tail which you beat out your competitors and can target.


Grammarly is one of the free SEO tools that always help us write content grammatical-error-free. This tool will let you correct your words, punctuation marks, and sentences. In the premium version, you can enjoy more and get the benefit of premium features like word suggestion, plagiarism checker, and advance sentence correction.

If your need to use the premium version of grammar to make your content error-free. Also, you can use it according to your needs.

4.Google Search Console

Google search console is the free tool by Google that can help you monitor and maintain your site’s presence in Google Search results.

Google Search Console offers more suggestions, development opportunities, and highlighting the errors. These features can benefit the optimization of the website and thereby enhancing the Ranking of the Site.


AHREFS the most popular digital marketing analysis tool for preparing audit reports, backlink analysis, URL rankings, competitive analysis, and more. It is used extensively for SEO analysis.

Also, Ahrefs is an incredible tool for keyword research, that’s for sure. But, in terms of money and overall features, this is a tool for more advanced SEOs with a bigger budget.

For this reason, it is not an accessible tool for anyone in the market, especially for small or medium businesses/ entrepreneurs.

6.Rank Math

Rank Math is good and lightwave SEO plugin for WordPress. Rank Math is a new plugin but a great WordPress SEO Plugins. Also, Rank Math helps you to get ranked higher by making your website SEO-friendly and your content worthy of featured Position. We recommended using Rank Math Or Yast SEO because Rank Math is a Yoast SEO alternative.

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7.Google Keyword Planner

Google AdWords is one of the best Keyword Planning tools out there. Numerous Keyword Planners offer unique features for specialized users, Google Keyword Planner remains the best for general use.

Although initially, one may find it a tad bit difficult to use, it’s one of the only tools to use. when you are searching for keywords for your content, the most effective way to find the most relevant keywords is to experiment. The more you experiment with this tool, the higher you’ll understand how it works. additionally, the better you understand how it works, the higher idea you will have about which keywords to use for your website.

8.Google Analytics

Best Plugins For WordPress

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin is a free tool to track the motion around your site. If you don’t want to pay for a tracking tool, you’ll find all basic and valuable information such as traffic sources, volume, number of users, bounce rate, and so on, in this exact tool. You have to install it on your website and do a correct setup so it tracks everything and properly.

9. SEO Quake

SEOQuake is a free tool that can help you to generate SEO Audit, Keyword Density Report, External/internal link analysis its free.

You use SEOQuake compare domains and URLs in real-time.All over export all data into a file.SEOQuake is a Free tool and it’s best WordPress SEO Plugins.

10.Broken Link Checker

Broken Links can affect your SEO ranking. A broken link may be a link that not works. A broken link provides a 404 error.SO every website user should remove broken links from their website. This plugin scans posts, pages, images, comments, redirects, and more for broken links. Detected links can be edited directly from the plugins page without the need to manually edit the content.

Hopefully, you have got a clear idea about the best WordPress SEO plugins. And if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments, I will try to answer.

If you think that I missed one feel free to comment on it!