What does it cost to make a WordPress website?

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When it’s time to build a website for a company or association, sooner or later the technical implementation are going to be considered and in additional detail the platform on which the web site is going to be made. Often when comparing website platforms and different publishing systems, WordPress is typically the one everyone knows, at least by name. Yes, the prevalence of WordPress is during a class of its own; it’s built a few third of all websites in the world.

In general, we delved more closely into the pros and cons of WordPress in comparing publishing systems within the past; read: A Guide to picking an internet site Platform – WordPress or Drupal?

Blog or website platform?

There are practically two different versions of WordPress:

1) WordPress.com: Create a Free Website or Blog blog platform and

2) Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS – WordPress publishing system.

The former is great for bloggers, small business owners, small associations, et al. who primarily want (or need to , for resource reasons) build their own website. the prices are within the order of a couple of dozen if one’s own use of your time isn’t taken under consideration , therefore the economy won’t be put to the test with this feature . The platform is sort of limited (aimed at bloggers and portfolios), so you won’t be ready to create very demanding sites on WordPress.com: Create a Free Website or Blog.

The latter is that the more robust and slightly more professional publishing system, which successively builds websites all from side to side; from small sites with a couple of pages to large-scale implementations that utilize e.g. interface integrations, language versions and e-commerce functionalities. So once we mention WordPress websites generally , we mean this version.

So what does WordPress cost?

The only correct answer is what you may not want to hear: it depends, The best metric to gauge the worth range of an internet site is, in our opinion, complexity. Of the individual factors, it, that is, how complex your site is, will ultimately determine what proportion time your professional team will spend building your site. So once you buy websites, you pay professionals for his or her time and expertise. (WordPress a completely free and open-source platform.)

It all starts with planning:

The first is to know what building website consists of. the only division are often made between design and development . So you almost certainly need someone to first design your site (user paths, site structure, content hierarchy, visual layout) then someone to handle the technical implementation (installation, development, testing, integrations). Our recommendation is to settle on a partner who is in a position to try to to both parts of the project with professionalism, but isn’t inherent in acquiring design from one location and implementation from another. for instance , many have a separate brand office that instructs them on the way to use the visual look. The slate itself can still be drawn by either party, preferably one for whom interface design is commonplace and who understands the framework and limitations of the technical implementation.

You should invest in designing the user experience and interface layout. a particular, personal look attracts and creates a bond together with your brand. an easy and clear user experience, in turn, guides the user to try to to the items he or she was originally trying to find, and along the way, he or she could also be curious about making a sale decision or leaving his or her contact information.

Content design shouldn’t be forgotten! As a part of designing the structure and content hierarchy of a site, you furthermore may got to believe how the content are going to be built at the core of the location . What themes does one want to speak and with what voice? during which languages? is that the content created myself or does it use professional help? What about program Optimization, has keyword analysis been done since last?

You can see a wide variety of WordPress implementations

Because WordPress is so shockingly popular, you’ll see tons of implementations. Do-it-yourself implementations structure the bulk of WordPress sites, often grabbing a ready-made theme and a pile of add-ons that are then glued loosely to the pile. This method often gets you moving, but the road is typically paved with problems from day one.

Professional WordPress websites cost over € 10,000

WordPress websites are made on a very large scale; right from the amateur blogs to really advanced and extensive implementations that need extensive knowledge. Building professional websites usually requires a team of 4-5 implementers and years of professionalism and understanding of both business laws and customer needs, regardless of industry. This emphasizes the importance of a competent office and agents.

Website hosting , or operating services, is, in layman’s terms, the server environment during which an internet site lives physically. For many, the term web hosting is therefore more familiar. Websites contains a spread of data that must be accessed whenever someone wants to ascertain the location with an online browser. These files survive a server where you’ve got to buy something.

Hosting solutions are available at a very affordable price and it’s going to seem tempting to grab that affordable solution – isn’t there any difference? it’s in them. Treat hosting as a sort of assurance that your site will remain operational, stable even during peak visitors, which security are going to be handled professionally . Price often reflects quality here (too). On a monthly basis, the costs of operating services are often a couple of dozen.

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Domain Names:
Domain tells you where your site are often found. It’s a totally unique ID for your site, so confirm you propose to register your required domain during a timely manner when designing your site

Maintenance and support services:
Maintaining a WordPress site is a vital part of site maintenance, and its scope should be considered when calculating the cost of a website.

In any case, keep in mind that the website should be taken care of even after its construction.The site’s platform and possible add-ons got to be updated at certain intervals, and it’s highly recommended that you simply still develop the location supported e.g. user statistics and feedback received.

Let’s summarize as a summary an illustrative example that you can use as a basis for budgeting your own site. The hourly price is assumed to be 100 € / h and the duration of the day 8 hours. Prices are VAT 0%

A website of this size is assumed to have e.g. a custom layout and custom theme, multiple language versions, modular page templates (which can be manually rearranged), and a few more demanding functionalities such as forms integrated into external systems, content that requires a login (extranet), or smart search using Google Maps, for example.

Project Price:

Content design and production – 3 days, 2400 € *

Keyword and Competitor Analysis (SEO) – 1.5 days, € 1,200 **

User experience and layout design – 6 days, € 4,800

Technical implementation – 10 days, € 8,000

Project management – 2 days, 1600 €

Total: € 18,000

  • Of course, you can take care of the design and production of the content yourself, in which case the price for it is 0 €. You can price your time just as you see fit