How to choose the right domain name


What is a domain?

Domain is the name of a website. For example here www is a short meaning of World Wide Web and the domain is

Let’s understand a little easier. Suppose you want to start a new business. The first thing you need to do is choose the right name for your business. And once the name is selected, you will want the name to be used by no one else, and that’s why you trade the business under this name. So now you can use this name in the right way for your business.

Now bring this whole thing online. When your business is online, you want to introduce the business to everyone with one name, and that name is the domain.

The first commercial domain:

The first commercial domain name was On March 15, 1985, the first commercial dot com domain name was used by Cambridge computer firm on their website


The structure of the domain:


  • Alphabetical letters, a to z, lowercase letters
  • Numeric characters between 0 and 9
  • Dash (-) are often used but the name must begin and end with an alphanumeric character.

Usually there is more than one part of the domain. The name in one is the extension in the other. For example here is the name of the www host, mdfarukkhan is the domain name and .com is the domain extension. There are different types of extensions depending on the type of website.

For Example:

  1. .com is commonly used for company websites
  2. .net is used for one or more networks.
  3. .org is used for the website of an organization.
  4. .info Used for personal or informational websites.
  5. .me is commonly used for portfolio websites.

Also more

Domain type:

There are different types of domains in terms of types. Such as TLD, gTLD, SLD, ccTLD etc.


Top Level Domain, the very best level domain category within the Internet domain naming system.. These are the domains we see more often. The way to understand Top Level Domain is that its extensions are .com, .net, .org, .me, .info.


Second Level Domain, a part of the domain name that comes before the dot (.). For example:, the SLD here is wpfreefair


Generic TOP Level Domains, a class of top level domains but not associated with any country, such as: .com, .net, .org, etc.


Country Code Top Level Domain, the domain name that is added to the last part of the 2 letter domain of each country is called ccTLD. E.g. Bangladesh .bd Pakistan .pk America .us United Kingdom .uk India .in

How to choose the right domain name:

1. Give priority to domains with .com extensionsDomain Regi:

There are different types of extensions for this. In the beginning people were familiar with .com, .net, .org domain names. But with the change of time came various extensions. Now, if you want, you can take the extension without specifying the niche. E.g. .pizza, .photographt, .travel .ninja etc.

However, as an online marketer, I always suggest using the .com domain extension. Because .com is by far the most widely used domain extension.

It is also easy to remember. Suppose a person does not have much knowledge about technology. If you tell him .ninja he may not understand anything. But if this person is called .com then he will understand that it is the name of a website.

You may have noticed lately that the default key named .com is set on the keypad of the smartphone. That is .com is an acceptable domain extension.

2. Easy to type and choose simple names:

Always attempt to find a website name that’s easy to type and pronounced.

Notice the domain names above. Sites can be typed very easily and every site is easy to understand. So always avoid unnecessary words when choosing a domain name. Choose a name that is easy to understand and easy to remember.

3. Choose simple and short names:

Try to keep the domain too short. Words like your domain name are complicated and have trouble spelling should be avoided. In this case, there is a possibility that the visitor has typed or misspelled. So choose a domain name that is short and easy to remember. Although finding small domain names is not an easy task at all, it is important to keep domain names short for best results.

Personally, I would recommend a maximum of 8-10 characters domain name.

Get a good daemon name idea.Click Here:


4. Don’t take domains with keywords:

We all do keyword research before creating a website. In this case, we often put the main keyword in the domain, which is called EMD (Exact Match Domain). But now Google doesn’t give EMD as much importance as it used to. If the content of your site is of low quality then
Google may also impose penalties.

Suppose now you are going to make an e-commerce site. Want to start your own business and your product is Organic Fruits. Your domain is keyword related.

For example:,

However, there are some disagreements. Because we still see EMD being preferred in some cases, if your content is of high quality.

5. Unwanted characters, not using hyphens:

Do not use any unwanted characters or symbols in the domain name. So that while typing the domain name creates any kind of obstacle for the visitor.

6. Learn more about domains:

Before registering a domain name, make sure your chosen name is not being trademarked, copyrighted or used by another company. Because if you don’t, you may face major legal complications.

For example, you can’t use words like Google and Facebook in your domain. Because these are trademark websites and their names are copyrighted.So keep it mind.

7.Confirm your own branding:

You can buy the rest of your domain name extensions in advance to protect your brand. You probably don’t want to see a domain with the same .net extension as your .com domain competitor. In this case you can buy at least TLD – Top Level Domain. This will help keep you ahead of others.

8. Quick domain purchase:

Domain names sell very quickly. And we make this wrong tie most of the time. In time, a good domain name will not wait for you.
These sites will help you find the right domain name.


How to buy domain-hosting?

With a credit card, master card, or pioneer card, you can register a domain from international sites at home.

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