How To Create A Free Website With Free Domain & Hosting

How To Create A Free Website - with Free Domain & Hosting

In this post, today we will learn about how to create a free website -with free
Domain and Hosting.if you follow this instruction you can create a beautiful website
totally free.

So, lets started:

we are going to create a free website just we follow two parts.

1. Launch your website.

So, launch your website you can follow just three-step.

Create an account in Profreehost.

So, for free website create an account lets go to and click register now, then fill the registration form with full details. So, now ready to use. and we have successfully created our account and create a free website.

Get your Free Domain:

A domain is the name of your website. The domain tells you where your site is often found. It’s a unique ID for your site. In the same way, you can get your domain name. So, get your domain name lets clicks create new and enter the name you want for your website. Now, we have got our free domain and easily create a free website.

Install WordPress on Your Domain.

WordPress is the platform that we are going to use to create our website. It lets you build websites easily without any coding. Once you install WordPress your website will be Live on the internet. So, Install WordPress just click manage then click Control Panel. Now Install WordPress just scroll down then under software select Softaculous Apps Installer and install WordPress from there.

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2. Start Building your website:

To build your Website: Just follow again three-step:

For, free website Login to your website, So login to your website. Type wp-admin after your site address. Now you press enter it shows the login page of your website.

Now, to create a free website enter the login details which you created for your WordPress Website. And click login now we are successfully login to our WordPress website. So, now you can this is the place from where you can control your website.

Chose a design for your website. Now instead of building your website from scratch. You are going to choose a design and then edit it to make your own website. So, choose your website design you need to install a theme in WordPress.So, install theme lets go to appearance then click a theme. Now click Add a new theme and install a theme which is you like and also we recommended installing Live page builder which called Elementor Page Builder.

Edit the content of your website. To edit any page of your website. Go into the page and click edit with Elementor. and now it is your time to edit your website which you want.

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